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Kind Hearts, Kind Words, Kind Thoughts

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Inspire Kids to Move

Online Education Course offered by Imagination Yoga

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Imagination Yoga

Inspiring Kids to Move

Inspire movement and kindness with our custom Imagination Yoga clothing and yoga supplies. 

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Kids Yoga Classes

A certified Imagination Yoga teacher uses an original story to guide student’s ages 2-12 through a kids yoga class. Each adventure incorporates the physical benefits of yoga, calming and concentration techniques and kindness exercises.

Teacher Trainings

As a certified teacher you will become a member of the Imagination Yoga community and gain access to all of the knowledge and benefits offered. This fun and interactive training is an immersion into the world of kids yoga. Join the Imagination Yoga community.

Online Education

An Introduction to Teaching Kids Yoga, taught by Imagination Yoga in this online video course. Through the use of imaginative storytelling (kids yoga flow) and developmentally appropriate yoga poses, this course will introduce to YOU, the adult, how to teach kids yoga.

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